So let's go where we're happy / by Marie Fröhlich

A dreaded sunny day so let's go where we're happy
and I'll meet you at the cemetery gates
The Smiths - Cemetery Gates

How this song relates to last year's summer vacation, I do not know. Fact is, I had it stuck in my head for weeks around that time. It was gone after we came back. Little did I know that months later I would be haunted by a Justin Bieber song that's impossible to shake off. :D

I already kind of said it: this blog post contains personal photos of a warm, relaxing week I spend in Denmark last summer. We stayed at this amazing beach house right by the sea, and we didn't do much, which was exactly the level of activity I needed after the year I had. Oh, we went to an aquarium where I touched several fish and it was kind of gross and I can't recommend it. That was about it though. Hope you enjoy the shots!