Crazy little thing called love / by Marie Fröhlich

There goes my baby
She knows how to Rock'n'roll
She drives me crazy
She gives me hot and cold fever
Then she leaves me in a cool cool sweat
Queen – Crazy little thing called love

2015 was my first year of actually shooting weddings. I've been an intern before, thankful for the first hand experience on wedding workflows, light set ups and client interaction. I was eager to learn and I appreciated every opportunity I got to work with wedding photographers Bernd, Chiara, and Katrin. I might get back to this topic somewhere down the road. Right now I want to show you the highlights of a wedding that, looking back, was like an epiphany for me. 

On Stephie and Olivers big day I felt sick to my stomach. I don't know if it was something I ate, or if it was my body telling me that I should stop right there and get away from this wedding madness I kind of got into by accident. I was a second shooter for Chiara from Liebl & Doveri and I wanted to disappoint neither her nor the happy couple that depended on us. Luckily I got into (what pretentious artists call) a flow during the day. Later when I got home, checked my images and played around in Lightroom, I was so happy with the results. For the first time ever I thought that this could become my passion, this could be my thing. I'm aware that half the job was done by the photogenic couple and family, the charming castle and the attention to detail that Stephie and Oliver showed to make this day and the resulting photos spectacular. But the other half was on me, and the pride that I felt (for these far from perfect photos) inspired me to become a better photographer and to keep doing wedding photography.

Man, that was a lot. I'm really sorry. This is what might actually be of interest to you guys:
If you consider getting married in the near future, I highly recommend Schloss Beesenstedt as your number one location. I think it might still be an insider tip. It looks amazing from both outside and inside, and the food is fantastic.
Also, if you have not found your wedding band yet - your search is over! Bienstich is the perfect choice if you are looking for strong voices and fun souls that get your guest's feet moving with a variety of great cover songs.

Well... here's to an eventful year! Ready if you are, 2016!